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What people are saying about The Steve Jeffris Show!

The first thing I would mention to anyone that has not seen Steve Jeffris entertain is "Why not?"
   As I sat watching his show I noticed how Steve tailored the songs he performed to his audience. It is plain to see that he is blessed with an ability to bring a smile to every face in the audience. There is something for everyone, young and not so young in The Steve Jeffris Show. With a wide range of music styles, eras, and standards to choose from, the foot soon starts to keep time with all those around.
   Thank you for the "Tribute to our Veterans", without whom we would not enjoy the freedom to sit and sing along.
   This show is one for the entire family. A show that should not be missed. Again, if you have not ever had the pleasure of listening to one of America's finest baritone voices, my question is "Why not?"
Alan Washburn
Pioneer Village Director
Indiana State Fair

"I've had Steve perform for our groups for about 19 years. 
     On each occasion Steve has been a favorite of all who attend. He has a friendly, warm and welcoming spirit. Our people love the way he wanders in the crowd to connect up close and also the way he includes them in his performance.
    Needless to say he is an amazing entertainer, singer and musician. Steve's warm, rich, full voice will be enjoyed by all.
I wholeheartedly recommend you contact him for your event."

Pastor Clark Dawson
SouthShore Super Senior Director
Sarasota, Florida

ENTERTAINER (excerpt from the Montpelier Weekly Newspaper)

"Awhile ago a Hoosier guitar-playing troubadour came to Lake Alfred, Florida - his name was Steve Jeffris."

"He's an expert picker and a unique arranger of popular, country, gospel, story and old standard music. And, he has a beautiful baritone voice to go with it. The results are a composite of vocal and instrumental songs created entirely by this one man, and his guitar."

"So if you are looking for entertainment, I know he would be a big, big hit.

Article by Jerry W. Hart
Montpelier Weekly Newspaper
Montpelier, Indiana
Band verses Steve
    "As a manager of a RV Resort in Florida it has been my privilege to hire the entertainers. Early on I only hired bands and groups. One day Steve Jeffris walked into my office and asked if he could do a show. I asked if he had a band and the answer was no. I did not hire him that year."
    "The third year he came in I said well, let's give it a try. I had reservations that one man and a guitar could entertain our residents completely. I was wrong, everyone loved him. He ended up doing shows here for many years. He has written songs about Rainbow Village, our town of Zephyrhills, Florida and even one about me!"
    "Steve is not only a great entertainer but a one of a kind guy. He goes out of his way to help anyone. The same goes for entertaining his crowds, he makes sure everyone has a good time."
    "So the moral of this story is you don't need a band to put on a great show and Steve is proof of that.  My suggestion, hire Steve the first time he comes around!"
Sue Flynn
Former RV Resort Manager
Zephyrhills, Florida
    "My wife and I were the founders of The Wheatley Fish Fry. This was an every Friday event May through October that resulted in a large communitity gathering. Steve did a wonderful job entertaining.

I remember one of our largest day...we sold over 1600 lbs of fish, around 3000 dinners! Steve performed from 4:00 pm and didn't end until 9:30 pm....that was 5 1/2 hours with no breaks! 

Steve really understood what we were doing and how to keep everyone happy and satisfied. Our tradition was to end the night by having Steve play "Rocky Top" . 
Thank you Steve Jeffris!"
George & Karen Wheatley
Founder of The Wheatley Fish Fry
Wanamaker, Indiana
I have brought The Steve Jeffris Show to our park in the past few years and each time we had a sellout crowd. Steve is a very warm and personable entertainer. He is excellecnt with an audience as he is with his vast array of Country Gospel, and Oldy favories.
I would highly recommend Steve for an excellent night of entertainment and laughs. Feel free to call me direct @ 585-430-0236 if you have any questions.
David Webster Former Entertainment Director.
Valley Dale Mobile Home Park
Zephyrhills, Florida 

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